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This video is about inmates Rising in San Francisco. Incarcerated Men and Women are joining the global One Billion Rising movement to End Violence and Sexual Oppression as they Break the Chains on Debbie Allen's Choreography and Tena Clark's song. A truly moving experience to witness from the jails of San Francisco. 
Thanks to all of our amazing facilitators: Heather Munro Pierce of TransDance, Rachel Erwin of International Healers Without Borders, Soyinka Rahim & Cynthia Winton-Henry of Interplay, Karen Saura of Mindful Rhythms, Josie Lehrer of Men's Story Project.
Dance and Video Production by Dancing Without Borders. Edited and Written by Avery Hudson. Produced by Magalie Bonneau-Marcil. Filmed by Avery Hudson and Angela Sevin. Program organized in partnership with the Sheriff's Department of San Francisco County and Dancing Without Borders.  

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