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Putting Ourselves Together Again
Creative Integration for Healing Trauma and Stress

Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY

September 10-15 2017

When we experience trauma or stress, we naturally construct internal barriers that disconnect us from essential parts of ourselves and block the flow of energy, creativity, and joy—causing more stress. We can break free from this cycle using proven mind-body tools to move from fragmentation to wholeness.

Guided by therapists Rachel Erwin and Sarah Douglas, we will use body-based techniques, expressive art practices, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to move beyond psychological and physiological blocks toward greater freedom, playfulness, and vitality. Through individual and group work, we access our inner lives and expand the way we share ourselves with others.

In a safe and supportive environment, we will
 Awaken our bodies, release tension, and ground into the present moment through yoga, breathwork, and movement.  Activate creativity, gain insight, and enhance self-expression through poetry and theater-based explorations.

Process and heal emotional distress from past experiences using EMDR
Shift ingrained physiological patterns with techniques from The Feldenkrais Method®
​This workshop is appropriate for anyone dealing with stress or trauma, health care providers and healers, and anyone looking to deepen their well-being.


Omega is a place to explore the extraordinary potential that exists in all of us as individuals and together as a human family.
Omega was founded on the holistic worldview that the well-being of each of us is deeply connected to the well-being of all living things. Since 1977, Omega has offered diverse and innovative educational experiences that inspire an integrated approach to personal and social change. Omega, a nonprofit organization, continues to be at the forefront of human development. Omega nurtures dialogue on the integration of modern medicine and natural healing; design programs that connect science, spirituality, and creativity; and lay the groundwork for new traditions and lifestyles.
Each year, more than 23,000 people attend workshops and educational programs delivered by hundreds of teachers, artists, healers, and thinkers on the leading edge of their disciplines. With special attention to our key initiatives in sustainability, women’s leadership, veterans care, and service, we bring awareness to issues that must be addressed in order for our society to heal and flourish.
Whether it’s a creativity workshop at Omega's 250-acre Rhinebeck, New York campus, a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, or a conference in New York City, Omega's lifelong learning programs provide tools for the art of living, and motivation to cultivate greater health, joy, and peace at home and in the world.
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Sarah Douglas, MFA, began her career as an actress and teaching artist before training in trauma-informed drama therapy. She facilitates dynamic group experiences that foster self-expression, embodiment, interpersonal skills, and psycho-emotional well-being for people affected by trauma and mental health challenges, as well as those who long to connect with their creative voice.
Rachel Erwin, MA, MFT, provides training, consultation, and facilitation of trauma literacy for those dealing with PTSD. She is creator of the ISA system, which combines somatic therapies, meditation, and guided imagery to effectively treat trauma. Rachel is an internationally recognized EMDR trainer and practitioner and co-founder of The Institute for Mind-Body Integration, a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to improving the way systems address trauma.